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The Bio-globe Singapore Pte Ltd offers the wonderful chance to the newcomers who are looking for the part-time jobs. As a fresher candidate you have an opportunity to work with the Faithful & Devoted Team Players of the company. The team members of the company provide Peer-to-Peer, Individual Guidance’s to the newcomers who recently join the company, Social Media Resources, Frequent Business Tools & Training Courses, and Rewarding Life/Work Culture.

Our company offers the household products such as water purification system, mattresses, and so on to their respected clients at the very reasonable price. You can shop for the high-quality home products that look trendy as well as easily installed in your space. As a leading company of water purifiers, its main motto is to provide safe, filtered water, to the families as well as preserve them from the deadly diseases. The Bioglobe MLM in Singapore strives hard to provide best quality products to their valuable clients.

Besides a healthy lifestyle with Bioglobe and Biolytes, its team members encourage a healthy and fulfilling career to the newcomers who would like to join the company. The company also organize the outing for their clients to promote their company brands such as Biolytes or Bmag. Bio-globe is the trusted supplier and distributor of the home products like mattresses or water purification system namely Biolytes and Bmag.

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Available Jobs Position for Candidates

Administrative Assistant

Under this post, a candidate has to manage and distribute information to an office. If we talk about the role Administrative Assistant he/she may also be in charge of sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting clients and customers.

Junior Sales Executive

Under this post of job a candidate sells a company's products and services to individuals, businesses, and so on.

Customer Service Representative

Under this post of job a candidate has to resolve the issues of the company clients who use the company products. The company customer services always ready to help their customers any time.

Join the Family of Bioglobe

You have an excellent opportunity to work with the highly talented team of the company that makes sure to deliver wonderful internship to their newcomers.

Faithful & Devoted Team Players- The team of the company are trustworthy and fully devoted towards their work. The team’s members of the company are very supportive to give guidance to the newcomers who recently join the company.

Contribute to the Society-The Company workers spread out the importance of their products into the society. The team members of the company build the strong relationship with their clients.

State of the Art Product- People are raving about the Products of the company and the companies grow exponentially in this booming industry.


Bioglobe products

Bioglobe products are made up of from the finest quality materials that ensure their optimum durability and high strength. The company also provides water purification system services to their respected customers who purchase the products and having issues with it. We are well-known for our outstanding water filtration system and the high-quality mattresses. We always struggle to give your family a safety in the form of water or mattresses to preserve them from the deadly diseases.

Features of the Biolytes

Water on another Level- Biolytes converts tap water into micro-clustered water. This statement refers that the water is easily absorbed into your body cell elevating and speeding up the hydrating effects for your body. Your water is also energized, providing natural energy to rejuvenate your body.

Convenient Features- Biolytes converts tap water into micro-clustered water. Basically, Biolytes bring convenience and great water for its households with Hot & Cold instant water dispensers.

Ultra Violet Sterilization- If we are talking about purification then doesn’t keep any doubt in your mind because with a 2-Stage sterilization of water, your drinking water will be kept pure and bacteria-free. The water is purified inside the Biolytes Confirmed by 5 major bacteria sterilization tests performed by the Korean Environment & Water Works Institute and with purification performance checks.

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With Bioglobe Singapore – Keep Calm & Drink Bacteria-Free Tasty Water

Water is the great medicine, which is responsible for curing maximum numbers of health problems. What if we say you are drinking impure water, which hardly has the tendency to cure any problem, instead it will affect your health twofold.

Therefore, to stop you from drinking the impure water, Bioglobe Singapore Pte Ltd is here to help you. This is the Singapore based company, which is founded by Kit Tan. He is mainly an architect, but his vision has made him a proud CEO of the Bioglobe Singapore. He has been working in the wellness distribution industry for more than 15 years with a purpose to bring Bioglobe products and services to the customer’s doorstep.

Our Vision

Bioglobe Singapore vision is to have a satisfied, strong and protected pollution-free environment based on belief and eternal relationships with consumers.

Our Mission

Bioglobe Singapore Pte Ltd mission is to make good rapports with every consumer by fulfilling their changing health, safety, hygiene, and lifestyle through...

Our People - Whose industrial strength and aspiration are stimulated by the customs of Learning, Pride, Earning, and Fun.

Our Products and Services - That imitate modernization, turn into quality benchmarks as well as grant bona fide value-for-money.

Our Policies and Practices - That is reasonable, crystal clear, and persistently enhanced to increase shareholder contentment and accomplish Market Leadership.

Our Values

- The consumer is the core of our business
- Reliability and top ethical standards
- Mutual revere and conviction in our working relationships
- Innovation and support to challenge the status quo
- The range of people, traditions, and thoughts
- Communication that is clear, constant and mutual
- Nonstop progress, growth, and learning in all we do
- Teamwork as well as meeting our commitments to one another

Our Product

We, at Bioglobe Singapore, take care of you and your most precious loved ones. Hence, this is the reason that the company has come up with its great innovation named Biolytes.

Biolytes is not only a simple water filtration system, but it is also the solution to Singapore’s water purification needs. Since its inception, now it has become the highest selling water filtration system. It is made up of utilizing the most advanced technologies. Biolytes aims to offer smart techniques to complete their promise of purity.

Salient Features of Biolytes

• The capability of converting tap water into micro-clustered water
• The high-tech machine with hot & cold instant water dispensers
• 2-Stage sterilization course of action to permit you to drink uncontaminated and bacteria-free water

At Bioglobe Singapore Pte Ltd, our key motive is to provide you with the safe, healthy and drinkable water in the fastest time possible while guaranteeing that our product is safe and long lasting for your use. Our products are made in such a way that they fit impeccably into your homes and accordingly, create a healthy environment for you. Your experience is always our top-priority.